January 13, 2014

“Good Bug, Bad Bug ” Steve Mayer, Extension Educator-Horticulture, PE-MC.

February 10, 2014
“Herbs at White River Gardens”— MG Sue Arnold, not location change

March 10, 2014
“New Plant Sampler”—Jo Ellen Meyers Sharp
Explore some of the newer plants on the market, including annuals, perennials and shrubs.

April 14, 2014
“The Honey Bee”—Tracy A. Adamson, Central Indiana Beekeepers Association

May 12, 2014
Plant/Bake Sale and Auction, Holliday Park, MCMG Plant Tags_Form

June 9, 2014
Veggie Extravaganza, MGs discussing their favorite veggie to grow,  Linda Furuness – snap peas, Meredith Hull – turnips, Vickie Davis – lima beans, Rosemary Fanning and Mary Durkin – okra, Becky Wiggington – sweet potatoes, Leah Glick – tomatoes, Karen Cox – potatoes

June 12-14, 2014
State Master Gardener Conference

July 14, 2014
Farm Tour, Indy Urban Acres

August 11, 2014
Bus Tour – Munchkin Gardens and Hidden Hills
We will meet at Greenwood Christian Church, 2045 Averitt Road, Greenwood, IN  46143, 317 881-9336.  Registration is open May 1st. 2014BusTrip Registration is limited to 110 (two buses) and is open to members and guests.
Here is a copy of JoAn Bush’s directions for making Hypertufa planters/troughs.

September 8, 2014
Rooftop Gardens at Eskenazi Health – Rachel White, Growing Places Indy

October 13, 2014
“Lawn Althernative”—Amy Mullen, Spotts Landscaping
Amy Mullen’s presentation notes: Lawn alternatives handout

November 10, 2014
“Hellebores”—Chris Whilhoite, Soules Gardens
Chris Whilhoite’s Whilhoite_Hellebore notes.

December 8, 2014
Holiday Party
Kim’s Poinsettia Program 1214