Garden Grant Procedure

MCMGA Grants Awarded 2016

Organization Project Amount
Ronald McDonald House Bushes and perennials at
 The Benjamin Harrison  Presidential Site Maintenance of Rose Garden  $145.00
Progress House Shrubs and mulch around
new gazebo
Indiana Medical History  Museum Planting beds around new arch
and maintenance at the
Medicinal Plant Garden
Burkhart Rocky Ripple  Community Garden New Tiller $300.00
Friends of Holliday Park Plantings for beds near
restored Ruins
SHarP Community
Seeds, plants supplies
Indiana Environmental
Health  Association
Build additional raised beds $200.00
  Subtotal $2,145.00
Other Annual Grants Program Amount
Purdue Extension Purdue Extension Community Gardens    $500.00
Purdue Extension Purdue Extension Demonstration Garden    $500.00
Purdue Extension Purdue Extension Junior MG
Purdue Extension Purdue Extension MG Program $1,500.00
  Subtotal $3,000.00
  All Grants Total  $5,145.00

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