Garden Grant Procedure

MCMGA Grants Awarded 2015

Organization Project Amount
Ronald McDonald House Replace trees and shrubs around house $500.00
Fort Benjamin’s Blossoms Garden Club Pizza Garden $449.00
Morris Butler House (Indiana Landmarks) Design and installation of new foundations beds $500.00
Humane Society of Indianapolis Entrance gardens to MichiganRoad facility $500.00
Indiana Medical History Museum Ongoing plantings and maintenance at the Medicinal Plant Garden $500.00
The Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site Beautification and annual maintenance of rose garden $240.00
Friends of Holliday Park Labor and Learn Program expenses $500.00
37th Place/Edna Martin Christian Center Vegetable gardening with seniors and restoring wildlife habitat $183.68
Francis W. Parker School Girl Scout Troop 449, Vegetable Garden Project $250.00
Subtotal $3,622.68
Community Garden Address (all in Indpls) Amount
Indiana Environmental Health Assn 3327 E. 42nd St. $250.00
Community Healthplex 3660 Guion Rd. $250.00
KMNA-Crime Watching Neighborhood 4033 N. Temple Ave. $250.00
Haughville Neighborhood Assn 802 N. Goodlet Ave. $250.00
Friendship Community Garden 1301 N. Goodlet Ave. $250.00
Tiffany Kyser/Laura Haggnejos 1221 Beville Ave. $250.00
KM Community Garden 1400 E. 46th/Arsenal Park $250.00
Bacon Swamp Farms 2018-2038 Langley Ave. $250.00
Emerson Ave. Baptist Church 308 N. Emerson Ave. $250.00
Jessica Edwards 2523-2527 E. Michigan St. $250.00
Project One Love 3135 Arsenal Ave. $250.00
Subtotal $2,750.00
Other Annual Grants Program Amount
Purdue Extension Community Gardens $500.00
Purdue Extension Demonstration Garden $600.00
Purdue Extension Junior MG Program $1,000.00
Purdue Extension MG Program $2,000.00
Subtotal $4,100.00
All Grants Total $10,472.68