Extension Horticulture Hints September by Steve Mayer

Steve Mayer, Extension Educator-Horticulture, for Purdue Extension-Marion County, serves as coordinator and instructor for the Purdue Master Gardener program in Marion County.

September Garden Calendar Tips

Note: Letters and numbers following the tip refer to Purdue publications; other reference links on the topic may also be supplied.

Lettuce ‘Red Sails’ and ‘Sandy’ (AAS Winners) can be easily grown in planting bowls on a patio (photo: Steve Mayer, 8/31/17).

  • First Week: It is not too late to plant leaf lettuce or spinach (HO-29). www.purdue.edu/hla/sites/yardandgarden/extpub/leafy-greens-for-the-home-garden
  • Second Week: Did you irrigate your trees and shrubs in August (especially those planted this year)? Last month was the 30th Driest August on record in Indianapolis. Unless we get some significant rains this month, irrigate your plants. Evergreens in particular should receive moisture through the fall so they do not go into the winter stressed by a lack of moisture. This will help reduce the chances of winter injury. Young trees can be irrigated using the 5 + 5 rule. This means to provide 5 gallons of water plus 5 gallons for every diameter-inch of tree trunk (FNR-483). www.extension.purdue.edu/extmedia/fnr/fnr-483-w.pdf
  • Third Week: It is better to plant or overseed a lawn in the fall rather than the spring. This is best done by mid-September. Don’t forget that September is also the best time to fertilize your lawn. Complete details are found in our Purdue Extension fact sheets: turf.purdue.edu/homeowner.html.
  • Fourth Week: Begin monitoring weather forecasts for freeze warnings. Although freezes typically occur in October, unusual early freezes have taken place at the end of September: www.weather.gov/ind/localcli.

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All-America Selections Display Garden (ornamental area) in the Purdue demonstration Garden at the Indiana State Fairgrounds (photo: Steve Mayer, 8/23/17).

Demonstration Garden Attendance

Many thanks to all of the Master Gardener volunteers who helped with the Purdue Extension-Marion County demonstration garden this year and/or helped during State Fair. We had help between 9:00am to 9:00pm at the demo garden throughout the 17-day State Fair. We had another successful year. There were 12,980 people who visited the garden during the fair this year – our 3rd highest total. Any other location for a garden could hardly compare to this number. Last year we had 9,338 visitors due to 9 days of rain and reduced overall fair attendance. The number of our garden visitors is largely influenced by the general fair attendance and the weather.

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