By Laws

Articles I – Membership
SECTION I – Application for new membership shall be submitted to the Membership Chair.
SECTION II – Volunteer work and training hours necessary to recertify annually as a Master Gardener shall be established and approved by the Extension Educator in accordance with Purdue standards.
SECTION III – The Extension Educator shall determine the need for supplemental training for out-of-state applicants.

Article II – Calendar Year
The calendar year shall be January 1 –December 31.

Article III – Dues
SECTION I – Annual dues shall be established by the Executive Board.
SECTION II – Annual dues shall be payable by the first regular meeting of the calendar year or at the first meeting following approval of membership application.
SECTION III – Membership shall lapse if the dues remain unpaid by the third regular meeting, and the member’s name shall be removed from the mailing list.

Article IV – Elections
SECTION I – Officers shall be elected at the eleventh regular meeting for a term of one year beginning the first regular meeting of the next calendar year.
SECTION II – In general, elected officials should not serve more than three
consecutive terms in one office.
SECTION III – Vacancies that occur during the year shall be filled by appointment of the Executive Board for the remainder of the term.

Article V – Association Adviser
The Extension Educator, who is the Coordinator of the Purdue Master Gardener Program in Marion County, shall be an ex-officio member of and adviser to the Marion County Master Gardener Association.

Article VI – Executive Board
The Executive Board shall consist of six elected officials, the immediate past president (a voting member) plus four nonvoting members (the Editor of the newsletter, a member of the Tomato Juice Stand committee, the Memorialist, and the Extension Educator) and any other ad hoc appointment(s) deemed necessary to the Board.

Article VII – Duties of the Officers, Membership Chair, and Executive Board
SECTION I – The President shall preside at all regular meetings of the Marion County Master Gardener Association and of the Executive Board; shall set the agenda for all Executive Board meetings; be charged with the general supervision of the affairs of the organization; appoint committee chairmen except the program and budget chairmen; appoint members to special positions; be an ex-officio member of all committees except the Nominating Committee; and be authorized to co-sign all checks.
SECTION II – The Vice President shall perform the duties of the President in the absence of that officer; arrange for programs at the regular monthly meetings; and become the slated candidate for the office of the president in the succeeding year. The Vice President may form and serve as chairman of a Program Committee as needed. The Vice President may take the lead in evening meetings or may request that the responsibility for planning and presenting evening meetings, if any, be given over to a specially appointed Evening Meeting Committee.
SECTION III – The Secretary shall keep the records of the proceedings of all regular Association and Executive Board meetings and shall keep attendance at the regular association meetings.
SECTION IV – The Communication Coordinator shall coordinate the web site, Facebook, Mail Chimp and other social media related to the Association. The coordinator shall also see that the directory, newsletters, and other pertinent information are posted on the web site.
SECTION V – The Treasurer shall keep safe accounts of all monies; present a treasurer’s report at all regular meetings; be authorized to co-sign all checks; pay all bills incurred; prepare a draft budget and carry the budget process through to final acceptance by a simple majority vote of the members present at a regular meeting; and complete all required state and federal forms as needed. The Treasurer’s records shall be reviewed annually by an individual who is not an officer of the association.
SECTION VI – The Membership Chair shall receive all dues and membership forms; maintain a current membership list and notify the Extension Educator, Extension Administrative Assistant, Assistant Secretary, and Treasurer of new members and renewals; forward all dues to the Treasurer; work with the Extension Office staff to prepare the annual membership directory and membership cards; and distribute the directory and cards to all members beginning in March. The Membership Chair shall also send a welcome greeting with important information about the association to all new members; send a thank you message with an acknowledgement of receipt of dues to renewing members; and work with the Extension Office staff to keep an up-to-date directory online throughout the year.
SECTION VII– The Immediate PastPresident shall serve in an advisory capacity, take meeting minutes when the Secretary is absent, and hand out member awards and certificates.
SECTION VIII – The duties of the Executive Board shall be to advise and assist the President in conducting the affairs of the association; to serve as the Budget Committee; and to provide written information to incoming officers about how business was conducted by the outgoing officers.

Article VIII – Committees and Special Positions
SECTION I – The Executive Board shall set up committees and special positions as necessary. Individuals in special positions (e.g. Newsletter Editor) and committee chairs are appointed by the President and report to the President unless otherwise directed.
SECTION II – The association newsletter is a cooperative effort between Purdue Extension – Marion County and the Marion County Master Gardener Association. Content is compiled by the Newsletter Editor and approved by the Extension Educator. The Membership Chair provides an updated membership list. A Newsletter Assistant may be appointed to help the Extension Office with distribution.
SECTION III – The President shall record a summary of the important board decisions and events occurring in the year and add the annual summary to the Board Member’s Notebooks. 

Article IX – Amendments to the By Laws
Amendments to the By Laws may be made by a majority vote of the Executive Board.
By Laws revised, August 12, 2005, November 20, 2009, June 2010, January 10, 2011 and April 11, 2011, May 5, 201? and December 1, 2014.