Extension Horticulture Hints November by Steve Mayer

Steve Mayer, Extension Educator-Horticulture, for Purdue Extension-Marion County, serves as coordinator and instructor for the Purdue Master Gardener program in Marion County.

November Garden Calendar Tips

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PE-MC Demonstration Garden Wins Foodscaping Landscape Design Challenge

This year All-America Selections challenged the AAS Display Gardens across the U.S. and parts of Canada to create a design based on the theme “Foodscaping-Interspersing Edibles in the Ornamental Garden.” Gardens were divided into three categories based on the number of visitors per year: A) Category I: fewer than 10,000 visitors, B) Category II: 10,001 – 100,000 visitors, and C) Category III: Over 100,000 visitors.

The First Place Winner in Category II for 2017 is the Purdue Extension-Marion County Demonstration Garden in Indianapolis, located on the Indiana State Fairgrounds. This is the first year we entered an AAS landscape design contest. Many thanks to all of the Marion County Master Gardeners who worked in the demonstration garden this year!

The Second Place Winner in Category I is the Master Gardeners Association of Tippecanoe County in Lafayette, and the Southwest Indiana Master Gardener Demonstration Gardens in Evansville received honorable mention in the same category. All three gardens are official AAS Display Gardens that highlight the latest award-winning edibles and flowers. They also show gardening techniques and provide ideas to home gardeners.

More information and photos are found at: <http://all-americaselections.org/project/1st-place-purdue-extension-marion-county-demonstration-garden-indianapolis-indiana/> and <https://extension.purdue.edu/Marion/Pages/article.aspx?intItemID=26346>.

2017 PE-MC Demonstration Garden (photo: Steve Mayer, 8/24/17).

If you know a group who would like a tour of the demo garden in 2018, tell them to send an e-mail to: demonstrationgarden@indyhorticulture.org. Best viewing time is mid-July to mid-September. The demo garden has a web page & Facebook page.

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