Marion County Master Gardeners Association

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July Meeting

Monday, July 11, 2016

Indiana State Fairgrounds

Discovery Hall, 3rd floor

 Meeting Begins at 9:15

*****our speaker will be*****

Kevin Allison

Marion County Soil and Water Conservation District

   Cover Crops for Home Gardens

Our apologies to all of you who were expecting a speaker on using fruits and vegetables in table arrangements. Unfortunately they canceled on us last week so we have had to adjust our program schedule.

Our speaker for July is Kevin AllisonUrban Soil Health Specialist, Marion County Soil and Water Conservation District.

As gardeners part of good stewardship of our soil is replenishing the organic matter and nutrients in our soil. One excellent way to do this is by using cover crops. Home gardeners often don’t realize that this is a seldom used but very easy way to maintain healthy soil and increase production in our gardens. In addition to helping bulk up soil with organic matter, cover crops prevent erosion, suppress weeds, and create and cycle soil borne nutrients using the power of the sun. Kevin will be sharing with us ways we can do that starting later this summer and some of the outstanding resources we can easily use.

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